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Welcome to Day 1

Today we are deep diving into the first stepping stone when it comes to creating a playful home and that is making heart and head space for play. 

I hope that today fills your cup and gives you some practical tools for filling your own cup. 

Day 2

Today we are exploring how to curate your home so that it actually invites your toddler into play. 

This is such an important piece of the play puzzle. I hope the trainings give you all you need to declutter, reorganize and create a playspace that is functional and play inducing. 

Day 3

Today we have a jammed packed line up explaining how child development relates to play. If you ever worry that you are not doing enough for your kid and feel like you “should be” doing more skill building with your toddler. Today is the day for you. 

I hope that you leave these trainings feeling super empowered and ready best support your small human’s development through play. 

Welcome to Day 4

Today we are exploring different types of play that toddlers love. We are getting super practical and I know you will leave today with lots of inspiration for playing with your little one. 

From rainbow rice, to sweet tunes and measuring cups- it is going to be fun to the max. 

Day 5

It is already the final day of the Reignite Toddler Play Conference. It has been such a fun journey of learning how to best support our toddlers’ play. We have saved the best for last.

Today we are giving you the motivation and practical tools to get outdoors with your toddler. 

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