What is a child development consultation?

Parenting is the biggest job that you will ever do but it doesn’t come with a manual. If you are wanting individualized and expert support in raising your kiddo, you have come to the right place. 

Some of the things we have worked on in previous consultations: 

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Each family has unique needs so we offer various packages to cater to your needs


Thank you so much for your responsiveness, incredibly helpful information, and encouragement! You are so appreciated!

Jess, mum of 1

child development consultancy

Natalie, mom of 2

what a breath of fresh air as Holly takes you down a journey of discovery that is LIGHT HEARTED, HONEST AND EASY TO APPLY

Tessa, mom of 1

It has been a wonderful experience with you and you have given me so much knowledge and confidence that I really needed. Thank you so much for everything.

Mary, mom of 2

It has really been such a source of encouragement, education, and affirmation that "I can do this".

Frequently Asked Questions

No this is a consultation to support parents in understanding and troubleshooting around an area of child development or raising your child. Under no circumstances should any information shared be used as replacement for professional medical or therapeutic advice.

Not exactly. Coaching is often a longer process with the aim of personal change. These consultancy sessions are times for me to help you form a plan that can serve you in parenting. 

Reach out to to say you are interested. We send you first steps and schedule the call. Depending on the package chosen you may also receive digital resources within a week of the original call.