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Speaking Topics

Below are some of the most requested topics for Holly to speak. 

Building a daily flow that supports every area of child development

  • Foundations for child development
  • Time recommendations for different activities
  • Building a daily flow

Preparing littles for starting preschool

  • The biggest mistakes parents make when transitioning into preschool
  • The transition into preschool physical & emotional
  • The skills needed for preschool and how you can get access

The first 2000 days of life

  • Defining the first 2000 days
  • Research summary of requirements for thriving children in the first 2000 days
  • Practical daily activities for supporting children in the first 2000 days

Movement in a preschool setting

  • Brain body connection
  • The role of movement in child development
  • Simple programs to meet movement requirements in preschool settings

Play in the toddler years

  • Defining play in the toddler years
  • The role of play in early child development
  • Facilitating play in the early years
  • Using the environment to support play

Parents as the missing link in interdisciplinary teams

  • Defining interdisciplinary teams
  • The importance of parents in the interdisciplinary team
  • Practical systems to empower parents in supporting early childhood development


Thank you so much for your responsiveness, incredibly helpful information, and encouragement! You are so appreciated!

Jess, mum of 1

child development consultancy

Natalie, mom of 2

what a breath of fresh air as Holly takes you down a journey of discovery that is LIGHT HEARTED, HONEST AND EASY TO APPLY

Tessa, mom of 1

It has been a wonderful experience with you and you have given me so much knowledge and confidence that I really needed. Thank you so much for everything.

Mary, mom of 2

It has really been such a source of encouragement, education, and affirmation that "I can do this".



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