Play Spaces Reset


January 22-25


Become a decluttering queen:

The exact steps you need to have a play space that sparks joy


Master organization

Curate a play shelf and toy rotation for your unique child


Become a “Play Follower”

Master following your child with creativity and skill

Check out Playful Pod

If you are a toddler parent who is ready to say goodbye to that nagging question of “Am I doing enough for my kid?” and say hello to independent play that perfectly supports every area of your child’s development. 

Come check out the membership community where we

  • Run monthly reset challenges just like this one to help you make intentional steps towards the parenting experience of your dreams
  • Learn about a new area of child development every month with built in lifestyle hacks to take your child’s learning and development off your to do list. 
  • Snag done for you play ideas and printables that your toddler will love. 

Meet Holly

I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and mom two sweet (and very active) kids. 

Childhood development in the early years is critical in establishing a firm foundation to become a responsible, healthy and kind adult. The way we mothers structure our toddlers days (from what toys they play with, to how we act to co-regulate their emotions) become the building blocks for their development. 

I am passionate about equipping you with the research backed information and real-life practical tools and information you need to best support your unique toddlers development through play.