Let's Collaborate!

Online business is only fun when it is done with friends. I would love to collaborate with you. Here are some of the ways that we could work together:

  1. Get in front of my audience of toddler mamas by joining me for a 10 minute video interview
  2. Be a speaker at the next Toddler Play Conference
  3. Get featured on my Instagram page
  4. Let me serve your audience (video, blog posts or podcast) 
  5. Sponsorships

Share your expertise with my audience

Are you an online business with an audience of mothers of young kids? This is a great opportunity to get in front of a new audience that will only cost you 15 minutes.

My audience of toddler moms (i.e.: moms of 1-4 year olds) always have questions about raising toddlers. I would love for you to share your expertise while answering one of their questions. 

How it works: 

  1. You schedule the interview (max 15 minutes) for a time that best suits your schedule 
  2. I send you a specific question from my audience that best fits your niche and expertise 
  3. We have a 10-15 minute video discussion to answer the question. 
  4. I share the video across my platforms (youtube, instagram, facebook group), upload it with a blog post, plus a link to your site, to my website and let my email list know about it. 

This is a great opportunity to get in front of my entire audience as well as share your expertise. 

If you are interested please fill out this google form and I will be in touch. 

Be a speaker at the next toddler play conference

The 2nd Toddler Play Conference will be happening in the first half of 2021. I am looking for speakers that can speak on the following topics:

Being a speaker gives you the ability to get in front of a new and engaged audience, earn affiliate commissions as well as increase your authority in your niche. 

If you are interested in being a speaker please complete the following Google Form. 

be featured on my instagram

Motherhood can be joyful and hard at the same time. I would love to feature you on my page and share your experience of this!


To be featured on Real Mama Monday :


  • DM on the gram a glossy family photo,
  • + a real/no filter type photo.
  • A couple lines about you and your family.
  • What we would find if we arrived at your home unannounced
  • Something that you struggle you struggle with in motherhood.
  • A part of mothering you kids that brings you great joy

Let me serve your audience

As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist I am passionate about simplifying child development and play for mothers of young kids. 

I am interested in serving your audience through guest posts, video interviews, podcast interviews, instagram takeovers as well as online speaking opportunities. 

Some of the topics that I specialize in are: 

I would love to collaborate with you. Please email me what you have in mind at support@otholly.com

Recommendation for OT Holly


I am interested in collaborating with like-minded companies that appeal to my audience of toddler moms through sponsorships of: 

  1. Sponsored content (blog posts, youtube videos and social media posts)
  2. Sponsored prizes for the Toddler Play Conference

If you are interested in partnering in this way please reach out at support@otholly.com

For any further queries you can get hold of me at support@otholly.com