Toddler Development 101

Are you wondering what your 3 year old should be drawing? Worried that your 3 year olds drawing of a man is too simple? What are 3 year old drawing milestones anyway?

With summer fast approaching I decided to spend a few minutes ordering the best pair of sandals I could find for my toddler. 

As an Occupational therapist I know that not all toddler sandals are made equally. In fact, the wrong sandals can do damage to your toddlers development of walking, feet muscles and balance. 

Toddler development can be a bit perplexing. 

…it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what you should actually be teaching your toddler. Or what they are supposed to know. 

Let’s be real, we all just want the best for our kids.

You are trying to create an environment and opportunities for your toddler to develop in each area in early childhood development  but it’s a bit confusing. What does sensory processing actually mean? Muscle tone, expressive language? 

Could your toddler have a developmental delay? Even after checking out milestones charts you’re not sure if your toddler is really developing correctly

He seems to do some stuff differently to the other kids at the park. But maybe he’s just a late bloomer? Or that’s his personality

It is already time to start to prepare my toddler for preschool. Yes it’s still 6 months away… I am rather focusing my thoughts on how to prepare him ( 3 year old) for preschool as best I can.

Stickers are the best! They fill my little guy (2) with delight, they are a quick low prep, low cost activity that can keep him entertained for a decent chunk of time, they are an easy travel activity and if that’s not enough they are great for fine motor and cognitive development. 

What are pre writing shapes and how and when should you be “teaching “ your toddler to do them?

How do you take your toddler from drawing scribbles or coloring in a coloring page to actually writing? Enter pre writing shapes

“I bought the paints but we didn’t do it in the end. Honestly I’m nervous…paint and a toddler… a toddler with paint. It sounds messy.

 “How on earth am I going to pull off a toddler painting activity without my entire house being covered in finger paint?”

What a glorious milestone running is! It’s the picture of freedom and energy. It is almost synonymous with shrieks of laughter. Childhood at its best.