Moms of young children often find themselves facing sensory overload, with little energy left over for self-care. This ebook offers practical strategies to help busy moms overcome sensory overload and learn how to maintain a regulated state while parenting. With these skills, you can create a calmer and more enjoyable experience, both for yourself and your kids.

Sensory Self Care for Busy Moms


sensory self care for busy moms e-book


Do you ever find yourself thinking …

I can't take my kids noise anymore!

I just need a moment to myself

I wish everyone would stop touching me

What if the reason for you losing your cool with your kids was actually because of your body saying

“Hey, hi…I can’t have this loud noise in my ear anymore. It’s too much and we need a moment to pull ourselves back to ourselves!”.


You knew some tools on how to actually calm your senses without becoming angry mommy.

Not walking away from your kids fussy moments feeling like you messed up again.

As moms we have to recognize that our sensory needs are not just a matter of mindset. They are primitive body processes. It’s easy for us to snap or feel overwhelmed when our toddlers have a tantrum or during those “witching hours” and chalk that up to us being “bad moms”. Obviously we can all work on improving our own emotional regulation BUT it is time to realise that our sensory needs also have to be on the agenda.

Sensory self care book can be used on different devices

How would it feel to...

Understand your sensory triggers

This book describes sensory integration theory, how it relates to motherhood and raising young children as well as a questionairre and guided reflection on your unique sensory triggers

Feel regulated even in moments of chaos

After reading this book you will understand what it means to be in a state of sensory regulation and easy ways you can maintain this with simple home tweaks.

Practice sensory self care in just two minutes a day

These simple and fun practices of sensory self care can be done in just two minutes a day alongside your small humans.

Overcome sensory overload

Chapter 7 is dedicated solely to sensory overload and quick strategies you can use to bring yourself down when you start to feel wound-up.

ot holly

Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Holly

I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and mom two sweet (and very active) toddlers. After working in early childhood development for 10 years I thought having my own kids would be a breeze. Haha, right?

Motherhood is anything but easy breezy. Toddler tantrums, trying to satisfy all of your toddlers minute to minute needs and on top of that being a gourmet chef. It can be overwhelming. I am on a mission to simplify the little years for mamas, just like me. A huge component of that is understanding our new role as mothers, how it evolves with each stage of development and how we can care for our own needs in the midst of these very full years.

I believe that managing our own sensory needs is one of the most critical acts of self care that mothers of small humans need to be prioritising. The strategies that I share in this book are a result of problem solving around my own experience of sensory overwhelm. These simple practices have hugely impacted my daily capacity and ability to show up for my loud, messy and colorful little humans.

My hope is that they will do the same for you. 

What to Expect

A 56 page eBook 

7 Chapters all dedicated to the sensory experience and sensory self care for mothers of young children 

The eBook is a downloadable PDF that can be read on all mobile devices or printed

Simple and effective self care techniques that busy mothers can do 


Is this a physical printed book?

No. You are purchasing an ebook that comes in the form of a 56 page PDF document

Will i be able to understand the language used in this book

Although some neuro-science concepts are discussed, they are explained in simple english. 

What is your refund policy?

As this is a downloadable document I have a strict no refunds policy  

How long will it take me to read?

The book is written in very easy to digest chunks. It could take a few days or a few hours depending on the purpose.

Is this book only for adults with spd?

Although the book may be helpful to adults with SPD, the book was written for mothers of young children who process sensory information within a normal functional range. 

Can i do these self care practices even if i don't have a big budget to spend on myself?

yes! The self care practices spoken of in this book are often free, or using things you possibly already have around the house. They do not require a big budget or a large amount of time in order to do.