90% of Brain Development Happens by age 5. 

Let’s make the most of it!

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Do you

Ever feel overwhelmed?

Slogging through each day in a haze and feeling like you will wake up and have missed the little years

Get stuck in comparison?

Feeling anxious when you compare your toddler’s development to other kids you see in the park

Go to bed feeling guilty?

That you didn’t show up in the way you wanted to as a parent

Need some mental space?

Like if you could  take one thing off your mental to-do list or have a moment to yourself, everything would be more joyful

Know that you are not alone! The little years feel so hard... because they can be so hard!

And there is a solution

How would it feel

To have research-backed tools and done-for-your resources for raising kids that thrive

Be part of this safe space (our Pod) of “in the thick of it” parents

Have an expert guiding you to laying the big foundations of the little years

Curate play opportunities that engage your child in reaching their full potential

Imagine what it would be like to

Finally have confidence that you are raising your little human to be the best that they can be

Build joyful play memories with your toddler that you can cherish

Fall in love with the wonder of these little years



Monthly online play and child development membership community

Each month includes:

  1. Two Child Development and Play Masterclasses (Video + Podcast) (Value: $67)
  2. A Digital Play Inspo Magazine (Value: $37)
  3. A LIVE deep dive group Zoom call with Holly (Value: $79)
  4. Members Only Facebook Group (Value $15)
  5. Monthly Reset Challenges with video training & workbook (Value $27)
  6. BONUS: Monthly Pretend Play Printable Pack (Value $7)
  7. BONUS: The Whole-Child Curriculum Course  (Value: $97)
  8. BONUS: Private Podcast feed and audio library with over 85+ trainings (Value $227)

The monthly outline in the Pod

Playful Pod year curriculum
photo of ot Holly

Hi, I’m Holly

I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and mom two sweet (and very active) little humans. After working in clinical practice for over 12 years and raising my own small humans I am more convinced than ever that play is the most undervalued and misunderstood tool in our parenting toolbox. 

Childhood development in the early years is critical in establishing a firm foundation to become a responsible, healthy and kind adult. The way we parents structure our toddler’s days (from what toys they play with, to how we act to co-regulate their emotions) become the building blocks for their development. 

I want to make child development accessible and easy to understand for toddler parents

Trusted by:

Holly Peretz is trusted by motherly, baby cener, speak easy communit, mom.com and more

How to access the membership


You will get access to the portal where all trainings, magazines, bonuses and replays will be located


All masterclasses (including the library) are available for you to listen on a private podcast feed


LIVES will be hosted via zoom and you will get a meeting invitation before the scheduled LIVE


When you register, you will be given exclusive access to the facebook membership community.

Ready for confidence that your little human will reach their full potential?

Playful Pod year curriculum. The four stages of Playful Pod