Practical life tools for toddlers

If you have ever researched anything to do with Montessori, you would have heard of Practical Life skills and activities for toddlers. Because the Montessori method is geared towards independence, it makes sense that part of play would involve equipping children with early skills for practical life.

We often think that toddlers will only want to be gifted things that light up or are covered in glitter but the reality is that many children will get just as excited for their very own broom or very first baking set.

I have divided this list according to age groups but I would suggest that look through each age group and find what serves your child best.

Toddler helping to cook while doing practical life activities

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Montessori Practical Life tools for 1 year olds

1 year olds may very interested in what you are doing as an adult from cooking, cleaning to laundry and may be very eager to do like you do alongside you.

For many of these practical life activities your won’t need anything specific however there are a couple of things that can really help make practical life accessible and easier for you as a parent.

3 great purchases for 1 year old practical life activities

  1. Learning tower 
  2. Kid friendly kitchen utensils and apron
  3. Place mats to learn to set the table 
Montessori shelf displaying various

Tools for 2 year old practical life

By age 2 children are really wanting to be part of what goes on in the home. Practical life activities are a great way to start inviting your children into taking responsibility for themselves and the space around them.

You may find that making the effort to consistently involve your child in every aspect of practical life from preparing food, getting dressed, or brushing teeth also helps decrease the natural power struggles that happen at this age.

5 tools for 2 year olds practical life activities

  1. Wooden chopping knife
  2. Potato masher
  3. Kids sink
  4. Kids cleaning set
3 year old working with dressing board for montessori practical life

Practical Life Activities for 3 year olds

3 year old toddlers have the advantage of much more developed fine motor skills as well as understanding of sequences and processes. Around age 3 you will find that your child is well able to help out in the kitchen as well as take the lead on many practical life activities (like dressing and grooming).

The following recommendations for practical life tools for your 3 year old are simply that- tools. Use them to support this learning but feel free to also use what you have got.

5 practical life tools that are great for 3 year olds

  1. Children’s chopping knife
  2. potato peeler
  3. crinkle cutter
  4. Sandwich cutters
  5. Dressing boards

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