Brain Breaks vs. Sensory Safe Classrooms

With Sensory Processing Skills and their impact on children’s learning abilities being such a hot topic in Early Childhood Education, you may have wondered which is better for your classroom- Brain breaks or Sensory Safe Strategies? As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have had the opportunity to work with children in various educational settings. Over …

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which bike for your toddler when written with image of toddlers riding bikes

Best Toddler Bike

What are the best toddler bikes? As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, I have walked so many parents through choosing the right bike for their toddler as well as spent hours testing out different bikes in the preschool schoolyard. When it came to choosing the best toddler bikes for my own kids I also learned how …

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Cognitive games

Cognitive games for 1-3 year olds In the toddler years our children’s brains are heavily at work. Often this cognitive learning and development doesn’t have a direct outcome that we can measure (like learning the alphabet or learning to read). It can be more subtle cognitive development through play schemas and explorative play. When it …

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Sensory Toys

Sensory Toys & Loose Parts for 1-3 year olds Sensory play is one of those amazing tools that once you have discovered it, there is no going back. Often we think of sensory play and loose parts play as complicated to set up or messy. However once you can get the right sensory gear, this …

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